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10 December, 2007

finally in waikiki

Well, well, well, this post is coming to you all the way from Waikiki, Hawaii - Aloha!

We reached at 9am (honolulu time) this morning and that was after a 12 hours transit in Seoul and a total of 14 hours traveling time in the plane. While the flight was smooth and the flight service of Korean Airlines had exceeded our expectations, it wasn't even coping with a curious toddler during take off and landing time.

Unlike what my BIL said, (who thought that parents with kids must take S'pore Airlines), Korean airlines stewardess were a nice and polite bunch. Infact, I dare say they are better, more friendly and definitely more humble than the SQ girls. Being a Singaporean doesn't mean I will be biased. Anyways, that's not what I want to talk about.

While I would love to post more about my first day in Waikiki, I do need some sleep now since I haven't been sleeping well in the last three days. So til then, more Waikiki reports on the way. I'll be heading to Waikele fashion outlets tomorrow while DH babysits Clayton - yay!

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