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30 January, 2008

motivated by rewards

Are you motivated by rewards? I'm not just referring to work life but in your personal life too. Well, like it or not, all of us do, in one way or another. We tend to think that only children are motivated by rewards and this is not entirely true.

I've started the reward system on my boy in this whole toilet training journey. He did good yesterday at home except for one accident in the evening. Today was good. I told him that I would reward him with 2 mini smarties if he goes pee pee in potty and he did. He didn't poo today, though he was in and out of the potty a few times. I figured that he might have done too much yesterday with 4 poops.

I also promised him that if he accumulate 5 stars, he'll get a toy and he's already had four! Everyday, I'll make it a point to remind him and encourage him to work towards getting more stars. Star = Reward = His Favourites.

This reward system seems to be working... my hubby is surprised but I reminded him that all of us loves to be rewarded... children and adults, we all love rewards.

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Perfect Wealth Formula said...

What a great strategy. We are working on potty training our daughter. I tried stickers as a reward, but that didn't cut it. I may have to switch to candy. Thanks for posting this.