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16 January, 2008

treasuring parenting from home

Traveling with a three year old can be both fun and stressful, depending on your expectations. Clayton loves to hang around with my mom and grandma always has a new toy for him whenever he's visiting. By being a curious and active toddler, I always have to remind my mom to put away hazardous objects including safety utility knife rand anything that is sharp.

I'm glad that Clayton likes grandma's company and I can even leave him with mom for a few hours when I'm out for special functions or dinners. Sometimes, I admire couples whose parents are hands-on and able to babysit their kiddos, other times, I don't. There are always pros and cons to this and I believe it all depends on the couples and their preferences. For now, it's back to full time parenting while working from home.. this itself is a blessing I truly treasure.

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