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13 January, 2008

a wonderful 2008 sermon

It was nice to be back again , being the first trip of 2008. I needed a haircut desperately and since this was a wedding we couldn't miss, these were good reasons for making this trip.

I was also delighted to be in my home church on the onstart of the year. It was great to see all my friends, pastors and church members again and Clayton was having a great time in Sunday School. My senior pastor and my founding pastor were so nice to invite us for lunch with some good friends and pastoral staff... it was one of those moments I cherished.

Evangel Family Church is always so close to my heart though I only get to visit the church once or twice a year. I was privileged to hear Pastor Lim's sermon again, I truly admired this man's preaching and heart all these years - he is still one of my favourite preachers.

He reminded us that God's hand is on all our circumstances and opportunities in 2008 and with Him, we can trust that He is able to do more than what we can think or imagine. Most importantly, we must acknowledge Him in all our aspects of our lives. And with Him, we don't need to fear our future in 2008 as He will grant us the strength to carry out the task, with freshness and cheer.

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