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18 April, 2008

annoyed with unprofessional internet marketers

I can't tell you how annoyed I've been with those irritating sms-es that try to sell you things and inform you of promotions you didn't subscribe to. Few weeks ago, I received a sms from someone I didn't know and tried selling me a motivational workshop. I politely replied to say that I wasn't keen and requested that he stopped sending me anymore text messages. He was thick-skinned enough to still asked why and tried to carry a conversation. I warned him to stop this and he agreed.

Weeks later, one more such sms and I told him off again and just now, one more. This guy - an internet marketer - is one unprofessional internet marketer. A successful and professional one will respect people and when asked to be 'unsubscribed', he would respect your wishes. Worse still, I didn't even give him my cell phone number. He actually picked it up from a publicity brochure which had my cell phone number in it. When questioned, he sounded as if he knew me - what a crap! I won't put his blog name here cos I'm not going to give him any links. I hope that all Malaysian internet marketers will be more professional than this guy.

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