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18 April, 2008

online everything

In the US, people use the internet for everything - almost. They use it to shop, do their banking, pay auto insurance online, do their research, book air tickets, accommodation, online education, online flowers ordering..etc. Thus, broadband is affordable and almost every household has a computer and an internet connection.

For me, the internet has become part of me. Whether it's for leisure, personal or business, it's frustrating when connection is down for a day. You can feel as if the earth stops revolving (I'm exaggerating :P). On the other hand, online banking, online shopping or online financial services are efforts to live a green lifestyle - less paper, less trees to cut and less waste - that's what it means.


Banks, Bill said...

When one has got net its good to utilise it at the best. I personally use internet for each and every theing. For me it is a part and parcel of my life. I shop online or take advice and also many other things are done.

iMingle.ca said...

It's so true. There's nothing that isn't touched by the internet these days. It's a little scary at what you can find out about a person. Where's the anonymity that was once offered?