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20 April, 2008

what is your hindrance?

When unexpected events happened in our lives, it can be hard to cope. Our friend, Alvin, had a bicycle accident few years ago which caused him to lose his mobility. Whenever I looked at him, I felt so sorry cos he was a fine young man in his prime 20s when that accident happened. It took him a while to accept and get over the entire incident though his lifestyle had to change completely too. He had to learn how to get around with his wheelchair and invested in a stair lift for his double storey house.

It's been a few years since that accident took place and today, Alvin is a successful car salesman. You may wonder how can this be. Well, he still sells cars in his wheelchair but has assigned runners to get admin and paper documents settled with a fee. But the encouraging thing is, Alvin has strived to live a normal life like you and me and he has succeeded. What about you? What is hindering you for pursuing your dream?

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Beautiful Area Rugs said...

This is a great question I'd like to comment on. All of us have "handicaps" that we either know or don't know about. I guess for me my biggest hurdle is self-discipline and overcoming inertia- and being able to get off my butt and just do it! Procrastination and laziness are big obstacles to me pursuing my dream. I am my biggest enemy, and I intend to conquer.