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11 April, 2008

are you an online shopper?

So glad that my Max Studio orders had been delivered to my US address via Vpost. Vpost Singapore is a postal service that is specially extended to those who want to shop in US sites and you do need to have a mailing address in Singapore to utilize this service. The postal charges are cheaper than what you would need to pay for your US merchant to deliver a package to Singapore. But you probably want to use Vpost if you are planning to shop for few items. Otherwise, the postal charges may not be justifiable.

I'm one person who use the internet for more than 12 hours a day and believe in shopping online and booking my travel accommodation via the internet too. Isn't it great that we can do so much things online these days, including paying bills, banking, buying groceries, ordering flowers, getting car insurance quotes...etc.

Are you an online shopper too?

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mark said...

I am an online shopper. I am even guilty of trying on clothes at the store and going home and looking for the same item at a better price!!


The net is a powerful tool that we can use to bargain at most mom and pops shops too for more high end items