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10 April, 2008

Idol Gives Back

Sometimes I really want to catch the full version of the American Idol but somehow, I have to prioritize and make way for more important things like putting Clayton to bed or finishing my work before bedtime. But for me, catching snippets of the show is good enough and this evening, I truly enjoyed part of the Idol Gives Back program.

It wasn't so much of the entertainment and celebs I enjoyed but the meaning and essence behind this idea of Idol Gives Back. It reminded me of how fortunate I have been and how I should do my part to reach out to the needy out there in whatever ways I can. The clips of those suffering in hunger and poverty makes my heart cry and once again, I felt guilty for the frequent complaints I had when things went wrong. These people have needs - real needs - that many of us will not experience in our lives.

The show ended with a beautiful song by Hillsongs. Shout to the Lord is one of my favourite songs and this song reminds me of how great He is and that He cares for every hungry soul out there tonight.

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