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10 April, 2008

technology can't alter some things

It's amazing that you can now take notes with a digital pen on paper - this is technology! But no matter how advanced technology can be, we still use a lot of ink pens in the office and home. I suppose this is why you still get alot of pen souvenirs from trade shows and promotional stands. Just like print is not replaced by digital media, it is hard to replace the traditional use of pens and pencils. Technology may not alter some habits - at least not now.


UK Holiday Blogger said...

That's a matter of perspective. Remember the ink pen replaced the quill completely. If the digital pen isn't replacing the ink pen maybe that is because it isn't a better product.

Kristian Liebrand said...

Ya, ofcourse technology can't change some things or habits. There may be some difference but as usuall we need to have pen and paper to note down the things. Though some skills may come out but cannot replace the original ones.

Baby Slings said...

I love technology. I see us just exponentially growing in technology and the things that we are able to do. It is very exciting.

bokjae said...

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