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08 April, 2008

do you drink pure and clean water?

After drinking distilled and RO water for the last few years, I've gotten so used to the pure water taste that it is hard to tolerate the plain water served in F&B outlets and restaurants. In some countries like Korea and Singapore, you can safely drink the water off the tap but in many countries, it's still not safe to do so. But even if it's safe to drink the water straight off the tap, I would prefer to go through a purification system.

These days, you can see bottled water dispensers used in offices, hospitals and certain households. People will order from companies likeo premium waters for prompt delivery to their work places and homes as the company is also known to be the fastest growing home and office bottled water delivery company in the world. Find out more what the company offers if you are keen to learn more about drinking pure and clean water.

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