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09 April, 2008

quality time with my boy

After all the washing from dinner, I negotiated with my boy to watch a few clips of the American Idol. You must be wondering - why do I have to negotiate with a three year old. I'm one who believe in teaching my child how to negotiate at a young age. I know I could have insist my ways but personally, I like to respect him like how I would respect anyone in the family.

Anyways, I sat down to watch for a while before taking him upstairs for a bath. It's just the only show I watch in the week for now. Munching on my jumbo raisins, he snuggled up cozily next to me and asked, "Can I share?" I said yes and we both ate raisins and enjoyed the American Idol together. I felt nice that he was asking politely about the raisins. I could see that he enjoyed having me by his side. He was loving my company - that felt really nice. That, to me, was another quality moment with my three year old.

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