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01 April, 2008

don't spamming my blog with your comments!

It is getting annoying cos this person by the name of 'erp' is commenting in more than 30 posts at one go and I wish to tell YOU - ERP - whoever you are, to stop doing that. Commenting in my posts will face only a simply deletion or reject from me cos you are spamming my posts with comments I deem inappropriate. So I ask that you stop wasting your time in commenting in all my posts - old and new cos I'm deleting them all. Don't spamming my blog with your comments!


Elaine said...

Spams, I get them too, in fact which time it flooded my comment box, my whole blog hang and is inaccessible.Even I have installed the verification plugin, still they manage to leave spam in my comment blogs instead of going to skismet spam.

Colonic Hydrotherapy said...

Posting a blog post to warn spammers are quite useless.

I own one blog which have close to 200 spam comments per day. I know some facts about how spammers spam comment. Spammers don't come to your blog to spam intentionally. Or else it will be stupid and wasting time since they know it will not work.

They are using a custom made software which recorded a list of do-follow blog and all they need to do is just switch it on and start spamming.

I install plugin on my blog to stop that. It has already stopped more than 10k spam comments.