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01 April, 2008

word verification to avoid comment spam

Maybe some readers may find it annoying the next time they leave a comment in my blog but I've decided to activate the word verification step in the comments box to avoid comment spam. It's not funny when I'm greeted with more than 30 comments within half hour. As much as I would like to think that it's a physical person writing the comments, it might just be the work of an automated software. Nowadays, you can find software for just about anything. A friend was telling me that people are making hundreds of dollars from adsense from automated software for their blogs. Well, whatever it is, if you are a sincere reader who wants to leave me a comment - thank you for taking the effort to complete the word verification.

1 comment:

erp said...

I think if you normally keep your blog private without distributing the address there wouldn't be any spam. Just a suggestion you might want to just give the blog address to family and friends who wants to read =)