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03 April, 2008

ironical parenting

Remember the times when your baby was barely one year old and you were worried that he wasn't taking his first steps like your neighbour's son? Perhaps, she was already 18 months and had not uttered her first words and that got you worried too... we parents had gone through these phases, haven't we?

But the irony began when they are three or four years old and we stopped shouting at the top of our voices asking them to 'stop running' and 'keep quiet'. Didn't we want them to walk and run when they were little? Weren't we worried when they weren't talking much at two? Then, we started to complaining them being around and talking too much.

So we parents are one ironical people, aren't we? And should we still be complaining now?


camping girl said...

You may complain about certain things your kids do, but there's still that joy when they reach the next milestone! You'll look back and won't remember the annoying stuff, only the happiness (I hope!)

mumsgather said...

Haha. How true.