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03 April, 2008

letting go of ego

As a seminar organizer, we are constantly scouting for new programs and workshops on niche topics for our corporate clients. Every year, we see new training providers and new seminars being launched for both the corporate talent development and self motivational individuals. Lately, I heard about The Sedona Method and how The Sedona Method is the bridge between The Secret and the Law of Attraction. It seems like an interesting philosophy cos it's referring to letting go of the ego and pain body - something that many of us struggle with in our lives from birth. This was a theory founded by the late Lester Levenson who extended his life for 42 years even though the doctors gave him a short time period to live. Lester through his experiment found out that by releasing his non-love feelings, his health was transformed which led to renewed health, perfect health and perfect peace of mind.

As a seminar organizer, I found this very interesting as I thought about how this philosophy and theory could help many people to succeed in their personal, social, family and corporate lives. In the world of stress and chaos, people are searching for answers to calm their souls, soothe their minds and cope with the pain and struggles of life. Perhaps, with the Sedona Method, they can learn to achieve happiness as they learn about letting go.

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Zoobie said...

I'm sure the people who attended the seminar learned a lot.