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30 April, 2008

we just gotta slap ourselves!

Hubby and myself had to slap ourselves for leaving our camera behind on Clayton's first stage performance last sunday. It was a BaoBei Mandarin Class concert and it was also our first school function appearance!

We couldn't wait for him to perform and my, were we proud of him! He was dancing and singing with his classmates and it was even cuter cos he was the smallest boy! I know that medals and prizes meant alot to kids especially if for the boys, their soccer trophies will mean alot to them in their growing years. Clayton was awarded a medal for completing 7 sets of Chinese flash cards and all I did was to snap a photo with my 2 Megapix phone. Now I have another reason to get a 5 megapix camera phone - for emergencies like this!!


Kess & her mama said...

Well done Clayton! Guess, you'll have to a good excuse to convince hubby now!

Polina said...

It's a pity you've forgotten your camera:( is there any chance to ask other parents to share photos they've made during the performance? I did the same when forgot my camera on Christmas celebration in my daughter's kindergarten...