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07 June, 2008

3.5 yo fascinated with hotels

My 3.5 yo has been asking me about Traders Hotel and Shangri-la hotel every day. He will wake up and ask "Is this Shangri-la or not?" or "Is it Traders hotel or not?"

It all started when we booked ourselves into Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur during our April event and he was fascinated with this idea of staying in a hotel since! I bet it is fun for a preschooler - new place, new bed, big plasma TV ( we got an executive suite room!), pool, playground at the KLCC park, buggy to KLCC mall and more!

Then I told him that we'll be at the Putrajaya Shangri-la next week and after a preview of the hotel, he's been looking forward to it. This time, he's going to have fun at the fountain court outside the room. I chose the fountain court room for the little patio space and the cosy fountain feature. I bet he's going to have lots of fun at this new hotel next week. So will daddy. He'll be the babysitter while I'm at work.

that was 'him' savouring his lolli on the bed in front of the 40" plasma TV... all by himself :P Oh man!

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