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06 June, 2008

petrol increase, public outcry and all the bull doze

Petrol is now RM2.70 per litre. When the news was released on Wednesday, I received msn from my buddy reminding me that I should top up our car before midnight. While I believe this will hit many who travel frequently on the road for work and business, it will affect the cost of living for many households.

My hubby was stuck in the jam coming home from a meeting and his description of the jam at petrol kiosk seemed unbelievable. Malaysia is a net exporter of oil and it still puzzles many of the government decision. Whoever says that M'sia standard of living is low and Malaysia is a cheap place to live - I wanna slap his face! I have lived here for more than eight years and can never understand why people are still saying this. With these rising prices in petrol, rice, food and others, I can't wait to relocate - for good, that is. I know by then I will miss my friends here and again, this is the only thing that I will miss. Nothing else, I'm afraid... and I hope my hubby is reading this. I don't need to give him 10 reasons why I can't wait to move... he is already convinced but he's still asking - sigh!

For those who make just enough for the family, I can imagine the stress and struggle they would face in the next many months. So what if road tax is reduced, how many agree that this is just an excuse to ease the turmoil and public outcry. And who would believe that the national oil company will go bust by 2018 should the subsidy continues - what a bulldoze - I really wanna laugh!


bokjae said...

Hey! moving already? If so we are going to miss you and family! You are right, Malaysia is very very expensive place to live! The Govt. always compare things like petrol prices with our neighbouring countries but failed to point out that income in those countries are much higher! We would move too if we can afford it! Hehe!

Greg said...

In Australia petrol has hit AUD$1.70 per litre for the first time in history this week, this is nuts.

I live near a train stop, sold the car last year and don't plan to own one for a long long time. You save on insurance, registration, and PETROL - all up at least $3k per year.