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26 June, 2008

missing singapore, my hometown

Isn't facebook amazing? I've connected with so many old friends from Singapore in the last few days since I left the city in 2000. Like what a friend had said, "You can take the girl out of Singapore but you can't take Singapore out of her!" That's ME he was talking about - LOL.

8 years had passed and I still haven't fallen in love with where I am now. I've tried, given it many chances but yet, it's still going to be a short term place for me. I have to admit that Singapore has changed so much but there are still so much good stuff in the city. It's definitely more efficient, cleaner, safer and more convenient. My hubby isn't going to say I'm biased this time cos too much nonsensical news in the papers recently are causing him to agree with our migration plan.

Oh yes, you can say I'm ranting :P

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