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18 June, 2008

shopping in US factory outlets

During our trip to the States, I did alot of shopping for Clayton's clothes and shoes. Children's apparel are very affordable in the factory outlets all over the US and all you need is a car, your credit card and lots of time!

I bought myself a pair of Diesel from the outlet though I was hoping to get a pair of Ecco shoes for casual wear. Clayton's Timberland cost merely less than USD$25 and my hubby got himself four pairs of shoes! That was one occasion where he went on a shopping spree. Three pairs within an hour and another one was bought in another outlet. With the US dollar weakening, it seems like a good time to visit the US. Then again, I don't think we would be heading that way for the next one year.

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Kess & Her Mama said...

Ooh..I'm so excited. Factory outlet, here we come.