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18 September, 2008

planning for Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka and Hong Kong

It's been thursday and I'm still waiting for my 50mm f1.8 lens - can't wait to play around with it!

Over the last week, I've been spending alot of time in TripAdvisor, reading reviews, asking questions in the forum and reading travelers' feedback and stories. I don't know if my other half knows that planning for a family vacation is not such an easy task! This year, we have a strict budget to keep so I'm working hard on checking on the hotels and accommodations and seeking good deals for our family travels.

So now, it's Tokyo - Kyoto - Osaka and Hong Kong. It amazes me that November accommodations in Kyoto are hard to find and even if you can find - they are expensive! Then I found out that November is popular among locals and tourists for Kyoto's beautiful autumn foliage... I pray that they will still stay golden and red when we are there! What's cool about technology is that it makes travel much easy with the heaps of online resources available. Gone are the days where you need to depend on your travel agent to book your hotel accommodations! Not only is the online technology so powerful for travelers and globetrotters, but people use it to search, popular jobs, find free giveaways, shop for good deals, gather information and most of all, communicate and networking!

Search and compare the best accommodation deals and hotel bargains in Osaka.

Search and compare the best accommodation deals and hotel bargains in Kyoto

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