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18 September, 2008

ranting on the political scene here

In the midst of all the political drama and the series of unjustified events happening in this country, I've been busy planning for our upcoming family vacation to Tokyo-Kyoto-Osaka and Hong Kong.

Til now, this ignorant and arrogant government still cannot answer to the millions of citizens on why they have allowed the ISA to arrest Teresa Kok. I was just reading about her mom's brief report the other day and I whispered a prayer asking God to intervene. She is a child of God and these people doing harm to her are on dangerous grounds. All I know is that God is on the throne and these malicious people will be fighting with the Awesome One above. I pray that she'll be in good health and God will keep her strong in every aspect during this difficult time. There are so many wicked and evil politicians in this country - wicked enough to be put behind bars and be sentenced to long term jail - but sadly, they are still roaming around, eating the tax payers' money (including mine) and posing to be 'nice' and kind and patriotic individuals - In times like these, I do ask - How is the nation going to grow and thrive? This is a very sad thing, for the future generations in this country, says a linear motion businessman and I can't agree more.

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