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13 September, 2008

ryokan research and macau accommodation for our family vacation

As much as I'm excited about our upcoming family vacation to Tokyo and Hong Kong, I have been so swamped with my new online webstore that I'm stealing bits of time here and there to read reviews from Trip Advisor.

gondola in The Venetian, macau

In the last few days, I've been doing my research in Hakone ryokans and our Macau accommodation. Yes, we have decided to spend a night in Macau. After reading some updates on Macau, I believe this is one place we shouldn't leave out during our 5 nights in Hong Kong. I'm really glad that DH has agreed to my Hong Kong trip request. Macau is no longer the same since I last visited the island in 1998... the developments over the last 10 years were spectacular and I'm looking forward to witness it. After all that research, The Venetian looks like one cool hotel to stay. All rooms are suites and one thing you must note when booking your stay in Macau. Hotel rates from thursday to saturday can be 50% more than the other weekdays. I'm not kidding. For that reason, I have to time our stay in Macau to be a 'monday' so that I am paying HKD1000 lesser!


And the ryokan research has been fun though it's rather confusing when it comes to choosing the right ryokan in the right location. Due to the language hindrance, it is not so easy to pick and choose so those ryokan websites with English explanation helps a great deal. If you like an English ryokan booking site, check out the following:


More ryokan updates for our family vacation coming...

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