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31 October, 2008

another parenting rant

Sometimes we parents forgot how to overlook our kids' faults and appreciate them for their innocence and ignorance. I saw myself 'nagging' at my preschooler on many misbehaviors, from getting him to keep his books on the bookshelves to putting his toys back in his toy box. Sometimes, you wonder why they keep repeating certain bad habits and can only feel bad about being too stern at the end of the day.

I find myself asking for grace and more patience especially when the frustration levels are increasing. It can be challenging when you have a preschooler who never sits still and always needing attention and stimulation. This is when I have to quiet down and count my blessings for this little treasure given to me during my time on earth.

It's just another one of those parenting rants...

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bokjae said...

Yeah, children can be God's given lessons to teach all of us something about love and patience! Happy learning!