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25 October, 2008

finding out datafeedr and body crashing

The weekends are here and it feels nice. But my body seems to detect that I need that rest on the weekends and it's crashing down with a cold. I don't like that. I have a list of things to do before the new week but I find myself unable to fulfill my goals now. Sigh!

One of the list of things to do is to find out more about Datafeedr to see if that's the right affiliate stor solution for my online business. It seems like you can set up any kind of niche stores with Datafeedr, from a health vitamins niche store to one that sells the best weight loss pill. In the world of affiliate marketing, picking a niche topic or product range is essential to a successful online business. And having said that, there are many more things to consider besides picking a niche product.

I think I'm heading to bed early so that I can be recharged for another busy week ahead. It's going to be our last workshop for the year... or maybe, ever.

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