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03 October, 2008

japan hotels, hong kong hotels and hari raya holidays

In a way, I was looking to the long holidays this Hari Raya but then my schedule seems to be fuller than usual so I guess it's not so much of a 'break' for me.

As far as my little kiddo is concerned, he's the happiest person in the house this holiday season. He slept in for a couple of days, put on his sun cap and went swimming in DH auntie's new condo and spent lots of time in front of the tellie.

I'm still comparison accommodation hotels for our Hong Kong trip since the Tokyo and Osaka accommodation have been confirmed. I have picked the Somerset Roppongi in Tokyo and Swissotel Nankai in Osaka for our Japan family trip after all that travel research, travel reviews and comparison. Do not expect accommodation hotels to be cheap if you want to travel comfortable as a family but for solo travelers or indie travelers, budget accommodation rates is definitely possible.

I'm still hoping to pick the right accommodation hotel in Hong Kong though I've reserved for Metropark Hotel Causeway Bay. I feel the urge to be near the Victoria Harbour and my foodie DH would probably like to stay in Kowloon island more than Hong Kong island, tho I personally prefer the latter. There are heaps of accommodation hotels in Hong Kong itself but to find spacious rooms in Hong Kong lodging, you better be prepared to pay a little more.

For now, here are some of my foodie shots in Klang's famous Pai Kuat restaurant - we went there 2 times in a week - it is super duper cheap and good!

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