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15 October, 2008

looking back - Clayton's turning four tomorrow!

It's unbelievable. This afternoon, I pulled out our first digital camera, an Olympus from the drawer, powered up the re-chargeable batteries and passed it to Clayton. Before that, I managed to download some old family photos taken in our first New Zealand trip in 2005. I recalled celebrating Clayton's first birthday in Mount Maunganui, 2005.

Tomorrow, Clayton turns four. I was looking through his photos taken in 2005 and his recent photos taken with my Nikon D80... boy, this boy has sure grown. Today, he's still that tough cutie who is never sitting still for one minute. I felt so proud to be his mom and despite those parenting frustrations, woes, pains, there are lots of unspoken joy that floods my heart each time I kiss his forehead while he's asleep.

Here's wishing you my sweet little boy - A Happy 4th Birthday tomorrow... you will always be my sweet little boy now and always.

Clayton @ 1 year old - in New Zealand

Clayton @ 3+ year old - in Kuala Lumpur

Love, mommy and daddy

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Adam said...

They do grow fast don't they. Happy Birthday Clayton.