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13 October, 2008

no more designer's unit in fraser place shinjuku

Hotels Combined

It was a great weekend in Singapore though I got a little stressed out when Clayton refused to sleep before the wedding dinner on Saturday.

Though it was one of the shorter trips, I did all that I needed to do - got my haircut, met up with the owner of Fuchsia Lane, had lunch with mom and surprisingly, no shopping spree this time. The current global meltdown is sending me some warning signals to my spending habits plus we are going on a family vacation in 5 weeks' time - I can't wait!

I suppose I may have to give up my desire to stay in one of the designers' units in Fraser Place Shinjuku though the photos on the official website are seriously enticing! For the spacious room in the one bedroom in Fraser Place Shinjuku, I'm expected to pay less than $200 per night while the studio premier room in the designer's unit cost around $250 a nite! I've decided to cut down on our family vacation accommodation options and use the savings for shopping instead.

Till then, wishing everyone a good week despite the current global financial meltdown... here are some shots from my hometown - Singapore.

The Arts House at Old Parliament Lane

Boat Quay, Singapore

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