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27 November, 2008

brief report on our family trip - 1

I apologise for not writing for the last one week. I am away for a vacation with my family and due to my limited internet access, I haven't been able to blog regularly.

We arrived in Tokyo on 21 Nov late at night and after spending some time navigating our way around at Shinjuku Train Station, also known as the busiest train station in the world, we finally got into Fraser Place Shinjuku Apartment at almost 11pm. The flight and train ride to Tokyo was great and we were greeted with a nice and spacious one bedroom apartment at Fraser Place.

As I won't be blogging the details of the trip yet, I can only say that no one would ever need to take any weight loss pills after a seven day free and easy trip in Tokyo! Walking to all the train lines and doing all the walks on the streets are enough to burn those calories and lose the excess pounds. You won't even need to worry about alli side effects or any weight loss pills side effects with this natural weight loss method! Take a holiday to Tokyo!

We spent 3 nights in Tokyo before moving to beautiful Hakone and Izu. Today is the second day in Osaka and for the first time, we are back in the hotel room resting and recharging... becos the stores are already closed at 8pm!

Hakone is such a beautiful place and we only wished we had more time there. The autumn leaves in Hakone and Osaka are magnificient... many people are traveling to these areas just to witness the wonders of nature.

I can't write more for now but I'll be posting more details on our family trip when I find time!

View from our ryokan in Hakone...

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