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05 January, 2009

be thankful for what you have

I just got a note that an old friend of mine from Singapore had gone to be with the Lord few days ago. Though I haven't met him for years, I know that he must have gone through much in the last few years of his life here on earth. He was the one who taught me how to move a 'mouse' and use the mac way back in the early 90s. In fact, I would regard him as my first Mac teacher! An energetic tennis coach and someone who loved life, he was a real talent in the multimedia world. It is sad to hear that he had suffered from a rare motor neuron disease which took his life away at only 42.

Though it sounds very sad to receive such news at the early part of a new year, it goes to show that life is short and we should not take it for granted. Sometimes, we take things too hard and get upset over trivial things. But if we were to smile and love a little more, our lives can bring more joy and happy returns. It's been a reminder for myself cos I find myself going through a roller coaster ride in my personal life lately.

Whatever goals you set and plans you have for this year, may you be thankful for the life you have now and learn to treasure whatever you have.

Live life with joy. A soft word spoken turns away anger (Prov 15:1).

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