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05 January, 2009

a little more about japan

This afternoon, my friend Tracy reminded me that I haven't written much about my Japan trip.

the street where the crowd gathers every Sunday

Harajuku on Sunday

A busy crepe kiosk

It's hard to begin cos there are so many things I enjoyed in my Japan trip. Besides the busy subways and mega malls in and around Tokyo and Shinjuku, I had a great time snacking around the subways and streets. We tried not to touch any sashimi or sushi sets during the trip as they could get very expensive. For most times, we ate in local establishments - small and squeezy, yet cosy. We had katsudon, soba, udon, okonomiyaki, tako ball and lots of snackies like fresh fish cake, handmade mochi and french breads. Tsukiji was a nice place to walk around and snack around though we couldn't bring ourselves to join one of those super long queues to the sushi restaurants.

Clayton helping himself to the crunchy seaweed sample in the souvenir shop!

We walked so much that I almost thought I had developed Plantar Fasciitis! My feet and heels were all sore at the end of day. It was a tiring thing to navigate around the local trains and subway lines but we had fun!

I found myself popping into any Muji and Uniqlo shop I could find. These were the cheapest places to shop! Harajuku was a little crazy on Sundays but it was a great experience being caught in the human jam. It was like a super crowded pasar malam! We didn't spot many funky dressers on that day but it was sheer fun to queue for handmade crepes and peeking into those teenage-packed shops.

Autumn in Hakone

our private hot bath in the courtyard

kaiseki BREAKFAST!

Overall, a trip to Hakone is something I would recommend if you are heading Tokyo. Hakone is slow, touristy, beautiful, natural, personal and cosy. Besides the Hakone loop and list of things to do, a night or two in a traditional ryokan is a real must. I missed the private hot tub in our room and courtyard, the autumn leaves and the marvelicious kaiseki dinner!

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