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08 January, 2009

perhaps a vacation is Phuket is coming!

DH is talking about a trip to do his kite surfing. I volunteered to be the babysitter and he could see that he wasn't too excited. Then again, I reminded him that the hotel rates will be the same whether he's traveling alone or with us so that sort of settled his uncertainly.

After doing a quick search on Phuket vacation, AirAsia seems to offer a good deal of around RM400 (incl taxes and fees) for the month of June. As for hotels in Phuket, it depends on where you plan to stay. Since his kite surfing would most likely be in Nai Yang Beach, we would probably choose a phuket accommodation in that area. So the TOP 5 Phuket hotels for your next Phuket vacation:

Indigo Pearl, Nai Yang (see above photos)

JW Marriott Spa & Resort

Mom Tri's Boathouse Hotel

Amari Coral Beach Resort Hotel

Holiday Inn Resort

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