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11 January, 2009

home and personal updates: Clayton is sick :(

It's a relief for me that Clayton's high fever has broken! He started feeling feverish on thursday evening and the fever shot up very quickly in the night. It frightened me most when his fever went so high on Friday night and when he woke up crying and saying that he couldn't see me! I prayed hard and gave him a dose of medicine with his juice and was glad that he went back to sleep.

Anyways, I was glad that the fever was gone by this morning though he had a bad throat and could hardly talked. I don't enjoy nursing a sick child - not so much of the tiring moments but the fear of not knowing how to handle the child and the pain of seeing my child suffering. Now, I'm praying that the cough be gone and his voice returns... I do miss that chirpy self of his....

Looking forward, this is an exciting week as I'm starting my pilates class. It's good to learn something new and what more, I know it will be beneficial to my health. Then I have a couple of meetings planned before getting out there for a family photo shoot in KL lake gardens.

Have a great week ahead...

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