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25 May, 2009

Earn Money From Home and Weekend Bits

After tolerating for more than two months of slow internet connection from TM Net, we finally signed up for the Maxis 3G Broadband. For the last couple of months, it has been very hard trying to earn money from home through our online business, simply because the internet connection has been terribly bad.

Instead of getting overly frustrated about the bad service and connection, I shifted my focus onto my personal goals and parenting. Since the start of this year, I have been attending Pilates classes and last week, I started on Polestar Pilates after a few months of Reformer training with Stott Pilates. I'm excited to start Mat Pilates tomorrow as I would like to learn how to use the fit ball for my Pilates workouts.

Focusing on a healthy and fit body means a stronger immune system in the long run. Unlike healthcare plans in Australia or some other countries, most of the healthcare plan options here can be limited. In the states, people have lots of choices from Blue Cross North Carolina to premium healthcare plans. Eversince taking up swimming and Pilates, I have felt better, healthier and happier and I believe these will add up to stronger immunity for my body.

Last Sunday, we filled up the pool again and I was truly proud of Clayton who immersed his head in the water. I can understand his fears as I was once like him. It took my more than 30 years to overcome this fear so I had decided to give him time to deal with this. He did anyway and I hope that it would come easy for him when he goes to EC Swim next week.

I took time off from my work at home projects and spent the afternoon with him at Jungle Gym and lunch at House & co. It was a very nice and fun outing for us both as daddy attended his weekend seminar. It was our first time in Jungle Gym and though I wished he had a playmate like Jamie to be there with him, we did alot of things together that afternoon. Lunch at House & Co was a quiet, relaxed, yummy and casual one. The restaurant was spacious with very friendly waiting service and it's one great place to have a quiet afternoon tea with some girl friends.

With the week starting, it's back to my online business and I really need to complete a few more affiliate stores before the school holidays began. When you earn money from home, you need to work around the kids' holidays and schedule most of the time. Still, I can't wait to take a short break in the highlands when my family is here and spending a few days in Singapore. I am missing some 'me-time' in Toast and Kim Robinsons.

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