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16 May, 2009

Earning From Home Tales

Nobody says that earning from home is easy, especially if you are also a full-time parent. Yet, everyday more women and men are making the decision to work from home despite the surmounting challenges around us.

I am struggling to balance as a work at home mom and a full time mom. Some days I managed better, some days, I struggled. Lately, I try to do things a little differently with my growing preschooler. Few days ago, we took out the inflatable pool (his first birthday gift from Aunty Tracy and Uncle David) and let him had some good fun in the front porch. Though it was weird placing a big inflatable pool in that congested car porch, we didn't care anyhow. All he wanted was water play and we wanted to do things different.

On the personal front, I have been attending pilates classes for coming 6 months and I'm excited to try out something new. There is also a tug to take up the teachers' training when the time is right cos I'm growing to enjoy the workout more. Just like a medical student who needs to attend a medical assistant training school to gain her certification, I would eventually find a good Pilates teachers' training course.

Last couple of weeks, I've been shooting more with my Nikon D80. It is a good camera though I'm hoping to get new lenses in the near future. My child model at home is growing fast and I'd like to capture his growing moments with my amateur photography skills.

I purpose to rise above my negative emotions as far as earning money from home is concerned. Yea, I do get it from time to time... wondering when the breakthrough is coming. For now, I'm enjoying my weekends and hoping to enjoy some family time. Some shots taken in the past week...

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