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19 August, 2009

Work At Home Mom Should Take Breaks

It's school holidays again next week and I suppose most work at home and stay at home moms will be busier than usual!

Perhaps the break is too short for a holiday for some but I know of some families who are taking a short weekend break in nearby destinations. Normally the year end holidays will see more families taking a longer vacation but with the current H1N1 pandemic, some have hesitated to travel.

For those who are planning to travel, you may want to compare hotels and get the best accommodation rates for you and your family. I can't say enough how convenient it is to check accommodation with the convenience of the internet technology. Whether you are searching for cheap condos in destin or cheap hotel rates in Hong Kong or anywhere else, you can get hotel rates on the spot. Unlike before, you would need to call your travel agent. And with low cost budget airlines, travel has been more affordable for many, especially those with a big family.

Even for work at home moms, a break is necessary to get recharged before moving forward to new challenges ahead. But if you don't plan to travel, doing things together as a family is just as great to rekindle bonds and relationships.

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