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22 August, 2009

Work At Home Reports Clayton's First Sports Day

Here comes another busy week for the work at home mom as the school holidays begins! It's also Sports Day at Juara Cerdik today and it's Clayton's first as well.

It was good that it was done in Yuk Chai School so there wasn't much traveling for us. All the kids were geared up for action in their respective coloured PE uniforms and there was so much excitement in the air!

Though it was only a short 4 hours of fun, I could tell the children were getting restless while waiting for their turns for game time. All parents were equipped with their digital cameras and video recorders, all ready to capture memorable moments of their children in action. It was nice.

We met a few friends and familiar faces and everyone was just waiting patiently to see their children on the field. Events and gatherings like that gave me an opportunity to get to know other parents better. From business plan writer to stay at home moms, all parents came from all walks of like!

I managed to capture some shots of Clayton as he ran his best to 'bring Rollie home'. Even the parents had their share of fun when it came to parents' games time.

I must say that the school and all the teachers and helpers had done a great job for the sports day. They worked so hard to prepare for all the games, prizes, goodie bags, parent's gifts, food - may the Lord bless all of them for their hours of hard work.

With school holidays starting today, I would probably need to slow down my home business. It isn't easy keeping my boy occupied for the whole day - he just never stops until he crashes at night! That's the only time the work at home mom gets to catch up with work, emails and other things. This is what parenting is all about - it keeps me going!

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