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10 August, 2010

Back from The Perhentian Islands

We took a good break from the home office a week ago when we spent some time with a few good friends at the Perhentian islands.

That was my first trip to the island and though the journey required two transfers by van and speed boat, it was awesome. Never had I seen such crystal clear waters and the weather was perfect during that time. Just by strolling along the beach or standing at the shore, we could see fishes and it was great fun and excitement for the kids.

Clayton enjoyed himself so much that it was hard to get him out of the beach every time. We took a short boat trip to Rawa island and that was one fantastic place to snorkel. The fishes are aplenty and the kids didn't even have to go far to see tropical fishes. For the first time, I snorkelled in clear waters and it was amazing beholding the parrotfish and corals under the sea. I fell in love with the waters and forgot all about the sun at some point.

The only complaint was the room condition in Perhentian Island Resort which was badly maintained. The lighting was poor and the towels weren't clean at all. Apart from the expensive and badly maintained room, the waters was a great consolation.

The trip ended after four nights and I'm missing those lovely clear waters of Perhentian. I am tempted to check out Sipadan now but that would mean another break from the home office. My schedule is getting busier! And did I say I'm enjoying it!

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