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21 September, 2010

Back from Hanoi and Back to Work at Home

After being away on and off for three weeks, I'm glad to settle down back home and resume my work at home mom duties. It's been great being on trips with the family but I'm happy to get on to the serious stuff now!

Our trip to Hanoi was an eye opener and I've finally seen this busy city with my own eyes. I finally understood why my friend took half hour just to cross the busy streets in Old Quarter and it took me a while to cross the roads too - with some anxiety of course.

Personally I didn't enjoy Hanoi on the first day as the city was fairly polluted, very warm and humid. But it got better on the subsequent days. We stayed the Hanoi Elegance 5 and the service was impeccable. There is free wifi access so I could do my work in the night. There were some assignments to complete and with the laptop in the room, I could work without any interruption. I even did some surfing for a friend who was looking for some dieting stuff. (see www.lleucine.org)

Our trip to halong bay was the best in the trip and it was nice cruising in the Violet cruise. The suite was gorgeous and the view was fantastic. If only the weather was cooler, I could sit on the balcony while enjoying the view of the bay. It is no wonder why it had been awarded the UNESCO heritage site title.

With Hanoi ending our Asia escapades, it's time for the work at home mom to get back to the busy planning of the big move and finishing up the assignments for the week.

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