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16 September, 2010

Work at Home on Parenting and Teachers

Just a few days ago, my son told me that he didn't want to attend Gym and Sports class in his ASP and that got me curious. Being a work at home mom I do my best to spend time communicating with him and get him to talk about his problems if any.

He told me that his gym and sports teacher will leave him in the class by himself after dismissal which served as a disciplinary action. While I have no problems with teachers discipling my child, I didn't think it would be right to create that sort of fear, anxiety and phobia in a child. That act had not taught him anything except inducing fear. Sometimes it's hard to explain to a child the good intentions as they may be too young to understand. Yet, many teachers will think that creating fear in children is the way to get them to respect authority. That is the militarian way of teaching.

As parents, we do our best to set examples for our children. It's like, adults should not swear in front of kids and reserve their cigars beind closed doors. Children learn by example and it takes efforts to earn their respect and honor.

I hope that that teacher who did that to my son will rethink his methods and not carry any ill intention or biasness towards him. Now, my boy is still saying he isn't going to attention gym and sports and I need to think of a way to coax him otherwise.

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