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16 September, 2010

Looking forward to Hanoi Cooking Class

I was told that the labour costs here in Vietnam is low. Therefore, it explains why things are cheaper and you can find quality clothing and accessories at good prices.

Honestly, after doing a walk in several streets, I find that this doesn't seem to be a good place to shop. I do agree that the silk is of good quality but the design of the clothing seems a little loud or out of fashion. Or maybe it's just not my type. I was looking for something simpler, more trendy or contemporary. But navigating through the streets in the polluted air wasn't so nice for my eyes. I can see that unemployment is a problem here and perhaps many have gotten construction employment in the outskirts.

Hanoi cooking class will be a good break and we'll be spending half a day with the Hanoikids. I read wonderful reviews about Hanoikids tour and am excited to learn more about Hanoi from these team members. Tomorrow will be a good day... let's hope that Clayton is a good partner in the cooking class too!

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