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16 September, 2010

First Day in Hanoi

Early this year, we discussed about our family vacations and hubby expressed his desire to visit Bali and Vietnam before our big move. So we have decided to maximize all the public holidays in this country and take few short trips this year.

This is probably our last overseas trip before moving to Oz and the last stop is Hanoi. I mean, we have heard much about this very busy city but never seen it with our own eyes. Well, we did today. We arrived in Hanoi on time and was soon taken to our boutique hotel by a private car. The check in was smooth and the service was impeccable. I couldn't asked for more.

We did an hour of cyclo tour and it provided great insight of what Old Quarter was like. It truly was busy! We won't too used to the busy scooters and cars and the disorder! There are all kinds of shops in the Old Quarter selling all sorts of things, from horse tack to shoes to mats to household accessories. But somehow I find that they were in a big mess and the busy traffic made it hard to shop around.

So that was my impression of Hanoi on our first day. We'll see how it goes tomorrow... I'm sure Hanoi Cooking Class will be fun.

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