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14 September, 2010

Building Memories with Vacations

It's nice to take a vacation when you are a work at home mom. Imagine staying at home most hours of the day and not getting out to meet friends... it's not what everyone likes to do!

I've been blessed with many nice vacations this year and I'm glad that we can stay in some nice accommodation. Our stay in Bail was fantastic as I had never stayed in a villa. Then we had a great stay at The Mira Hong Kong and the suite was spacious and comfortable. For a 80sqm room in Hong Kong, you can expect a nice bedroom with a cosy sitting area. Double sinks if there wasn't enough with a see through glass bathroom. We had a great time. I suppose it's likened to a luxurious Branson vacation in the US but for me, a short Asia vacation is good enough!

Most importantly, the family had a nice time traveling together though it wasn't easy coping with three kids and an elderly lady. All went well and I built wonderful memories from the trip. I hope that we can travel together again in the near future and this time, the kids will be older.

While some people don't understand why I don't mind spending a little more for a nice vacation, I am happy that I did what I did. I'm glad that I bought my family the best and I trust that these memories will be treasured for a long time.

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