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03 September, 2010

A Great Bali Vacation for the Family

Last Friday, we took a short vacation to Bali for a few nights during the long weekend and had a wonderful time.

After getting some advice from a Bali is happens to be a Bali expert, we decided to stay at the Ulin Villas and Spa in Seminyak. My work at home hubby has never been to Bali and for me, Bali hardly left me a good impression when my friend got pick pocketed 15 years ago in kuta. But Bali has changed.

When we arrived in Seminyak, we were quite impressed with the many nice looking restaurant snd cafes in the area. You can spot a western crowd right away and I can understand why. Bali is so affordable for the Americans, Europeans and Aussies but for Malaysians, a night's stay in a villa can be expensive. It took me a long time before deciding on Ulin after hearing all the raving reviews at Trip Advisor.

Let me just say that the rate was worth it as we had a lovely time in our private villa which comes with a private 25 m pool. Clayton was swimming day and night and infact, he couldn't wait one minute to get into the pool the minute we stepped in to the villa!

For me, it was pure relaxation and I loved sitting at the outside lounge, watching them swam and sippig my tonic water. The bath tub was set outdoors and we had nice family spas together everyday. Seminyak town isn't big but it's enough to keep us busy. The western food standards in Seminyak is much higher than Malaysia and the price is reasonable. For us, it's better than many restaurants here who charge alot for the mediocre food they offer.

In terms of shopping, Seminyak has lots to offer though they aren't cheap. We took a day out to Ubud and you can buy all sorts of artistic homeware in this quaint town. Our driver took us for a ride where we had a view of Kintamani. If you are into silver accessories, Bali is the place to buy some nice collections. I know of some people who love all things silver, from silver bars to silver crockery.

So after five days, we are back in our home office and the work at home mom is trying to finish up more work before the next trip in two days' time. I am looking forward to another time off again.

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