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12 September, 2010

Birthday Invitations and The List of To-Dos

In one month's time, my little boy is turning six. We were both looking at some old digital photos and he was so thrilled to watch how he was like when he was a baby.

We started discussing about making birthday cards for his birthday. Actually, I'm reminded that there isn't much time to prepare the cards and if I want his friends to show up, I should be quick to send out the invitations. We've been away these two months and it's hard to catch up on things!

Clayton is now so excited about his Disney vacations and he's going to have a ball of a time with his cousins!

So let's see what needs to be done in the next two weeks - design some birthday invitations for Clayton and then start my massive unpacking. It's time to get started before I find myself sinking into a mess of duties.

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