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14 September, 2010

Reminiscing New Zealand Travels

With more travel photos from our trips, my macbook pro is running out of space and thus I have to get an external hard drive for my storage.

I was archiving all my trip photos, starting from our first New Zealand travel to the most recent and my son was so excited to see how he was like when he was little. I enjoyed our New Zealand trip and this is such a beautiful country. We rented a car for almost a month and toured the North and South island - it was so memorable.

Renting a car in New Zealand is so common for tourists and travelers and you tend to see more that way. In fact, some rental cars get a 5th wheel warranty so hat you can be safer on the road. Of all the cities, I like Queenstown and Mount Cook but seriously, every city has its own charm and character. It's such a big country!

Looking back, my little boy has grown and in no time, he will be smiling at the photos we took in our Bali and Hong Kong trip this year.

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