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11 December, 2010

Hello Brisbane

The day is finally here and after staying in this lovely home for ten over years, it's time to bid farewell. We had used this house as our home office for more than five years and we are so thankful for that.

We had done all our packing and the movers had finally completed the packing. They were so fast in clearing our furnitures, kitchen ware and personal boxes, we couldn't keep up with their pace at one time. After three days of buys packing, cleaning and clearing, we left our home of ten years and said good bye.

It was great staying at The Gardens Residences for four nights and I was so happy that my close friend from Singapore had come to visit. She came to spend some time with us before we leave for good and we had a nice time catching up, shopping and doing some girlie things. I did my last facial and massage at mid valley during that time too.

The day had finally come for us to leave Malaysia and I was too busy to feel emotional about the entire move. All I knew was, I was thankful that God had opened doors for us and we managed to settle all our stuff before the big move. We discovered that we were seriously overweight few days before our departure and had to ship out 2 boxes of personal things vis Pos Malaysia so as to avoid being charged for excess baggage at the airport.

On the day of departure, we arrived at the airport early and was told that our flight had been retimed. We are therefore four hours early to our flight time and I knew God had a purpose for this delay. Before we had time to feel upset our the retime, we found out that we were 20 kgs overweight and thus, they wanted us to pay almost RM1K for that. We managed to negotiate our way out of this since we were told about the retime so late. To cut the story short, we managed to get on the plane with no charges to pay and finally got into Brisbane.

The Docks at Goodwin is located in Kangaroo Point and we got in at 11pm. The one bedroom was neat and cosy though I wished they have a bigger bed. The bathroom was small but the bathroom faucet and basin was big. We will be here for two weeks and hopefully we can get a more permanent home by next week.

So much for the updates, it's time to wind down, get more sleep and start the day early tomorrow at the city and Southbanks. Good day, Brisbane and good bye, Malaysia.

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