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08 December, 2010

Updates on the Big Move

After three tiring and long days of working with the movers, the boxes and all our furnitures had gone to the warehouse and they will be out in the sea very soon. I can't believe that everything was done and we had even handed over the house.

In a few days' time, we'll be in Brisbane and our new journey will begin. I don't know how and what it's going to be like but I know that God is faithful. He has provided for us and opened doors in many ways and I'm thankful that everything is looking good. The problem now is, we might be overweight as we had many baggages to bring along with us. We would need these things for the next one month before our container arrives on the first week of January. Just a moment ago, I was still trying to unload some stuff to be ship by sea to avoid being charged at the airport.

I would need to shop for few small things before flying off on Friday. A friend has asked me to get some natural diuretics for her and I'll be stopping by that cute shop that sells only ballerinas in the Gardens. Then I'll be spending some time with my close friend who had come all the way from Singapore to see me off. I'm going to miss her and a few more close friends here.

That's it for the updates. All I need now is a good snooze....

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