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03 December, 2010

Looking Forward to Gardens

In few days' time, we will be at the The Gardens Residences and I'm so happy that my best friend is here to see us off. She'll be here with her girls and nephew and it will be a good time catching up with her before I leave.

She's been a good friend for 25 years and I can count on her for lots of things. After going through a bad patch in her marriage, I'm happy that she's moving forward to something better. Friends are strange.... you don't need to see each other that often and you can still maintain the closeness.

I'm still packing up my beauty stuff and there's still the suitcases that are left untouched. After tomorrow, things would be better and I should be able to go for a last facial and massage before flying off on Friday. I need the therapist to help with pimple popping and getting my stiff muscles loosen after all these work.

We should have arrived in Brisbane the next time I post, and there'll be more things to do before we can truly settle down.

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